Creator of quality images, designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

Having developed a keen interest in photography while working as a stylist in Mumbai, Monish moved to London in 2002. He received a Bachelor’s degree in fashion photography in 2005 from the London College of Fashion. Monish is now based in London and works as a freelance photographer and retoucher.

Photography & Retouching


Graphic Design


UI Design




We understand how tastefully tailored websites, lookbooks, and campaign photography translates into £’s. We strive to make your products look aspirational by giving them that polished upmarket look.


The practice of retouching, once largely confined to fashion spreads and advertisements, has become much more common in recent years across all photography. Retouching has become so prevalent that we understand this new world, and are keen to portray your products in the best light… so to speak.